2 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean While Reducing Car Wash Costs

2 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean While Reducing Car Wash Costs

This article will teach you a method that will help you maintain a clean vehicle and at the same time, reduce your car wash costs by at least 50%. This is not just about saving money, though. It’s also about saving a lot of time.

If you care about properly maintaining your car, then you know that in order to keep it clean for the long run you need to regularly take it to the car wash. If you’re one of those people who quickly mess up your car, then you go to the car wash at least once a week. And if you’re one of those people who keep their car clean, you go to the car wash every other month or so.

How Much Car Wash Really Costs Us Over The Years?

Let’s say that you visit the car wash at least once a month (on average). Assuming you’re going to an automatic wash that includes interior cleaning (which is the most popular washing style today), each visit takes about 40 minutes (on average, including the trip to the wash and back). This adds up to 8 hours per year. With an average cost of $15, that totals up to $180 a year.

If you have the car for three years, you’ll spend 24 hours and $540 at the car wash. If you have the car for 10 years, you’ll spend 80 hours and $1,800.

What if I told you that you could save 50% of both cost and time? Just enjoy your spare time and buy yourself anything you want with the money you saved. The method is simple. All you need is a small change in habits.

Here’s the method in detail:

Part One – The Method For Keeping The Car’s Interior Clean Over Time

You must have an effective trash can in your car!

As trivial as it sounds, most people don’t realize how significant this is, and how deeply it affects our lives. If you keep the floor of your car and the seats clean of food bags, papers, water bottles, etc., I assure you that you will not want to visit the car wash for the longest time since you’ve been a car owner. You will not have to! It will not even occur to you to go there, because you will experience cleanliness and order every day!

But when I say “effective trash can,” I mean a garbage can that “forces” you to use it. One that forces you to adapt your lifestyle to it.

Is there really such a trash can? Yes! There is!

The garbage can by Fancy Mobility was created for especially lazy people who always fill trash cans and never empty them. This trash can just leaves you no choice. Why? Because it comes with an attached removable-bags dispenser! You can’t be lazier than that. The trash can is full? Just pull out a bag and replace it in 30 seconds!

In addition, it has clips on the side to hold the bags so that even if you travel with the windows open the bag never flies away. And the liners are similar to standard-sized grocery bags, so you can use grocery bags when you’ve run out of the bonus liners.

And that’s not all. If you ask yourself how many years this trash can will last, well… many. Since it’s made of such high-quality materials, the manufacturer offers a Lifetime Warranty!

So how much does such a thing, that saves you so much time and money, cost? Only $15.97! Funny right? But it’s true. $15.97 for the Fancy Mobility trash can today saves you thousands of dollars over the years!

Wait a minute… but what about an external wash? You’re probably asking yourself how you can save on that, too.

Part Two - How To Keep A Clean Vehicle Exterior Over Time

  1. Always try to park in covered parking lots. The less your vehicle is outdoors, the more protected it will be from the weather and various pollutants.
  2. If you are already parked outside, try not to park under trees. You may find your car full of leaves at best, and, in a worst-case scenario… bird droppings.
3. Avoid parking in high traffic areas. Pedestrians, bikes or motorcycles increase the chance of a scratch, ding, or other damage to your parked car.

All you need here is proper planning of your parking spaces. Make sure these three conditions are met regularly, and you’ll see that your need to take the car to the car wash will be reduced by 50%!

Add to this the fact that you have the Fancy Mobility Garbage Can, and you’re covered from all directions!

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In Conclusion

No matter how many times you clean your car’s interior, this magic trash can will save you at least 50% of the time and the money you spend. In addition, this is not a small savings for a year or two. It’s a lifetime savings. And at such a funny price? There is no doubt that this is a mandatory accessory for every driver.

If you really want to keep your car clean for years and save time and money on car washing, all you need to do is:

  1. Buy the trash can from Fancy Mobility.
  2. Plan your parking spaces correctly.

And that’s it!