3 Secrets You Should Know Before Visiting the Car Wash

3 Secrets You Should Know Before Visiting the Car Wash


Are you looking for a car wash near you that offers consistently high-quality car care?

Maintaining a clean car is synonymous with maintaining good personal hygiene.
So, before you decide which car wash to visit, here are three powerful car wash secrets
that will help you get the outstanding car treatment you deserve.

Secret #1: Automatic Car Wash or Hand Car Wash – Which Should I Choose?

Automatic VS Hand Car Wash

Many car owners who care about properly maintaining their vehicle go on search engines and type “car wash near me.” In most cases, the only factor they consider is proximity. That’s because people generally assume that all car washes are the same. But there are important things to think about when choosing where to take your ride to keep it looking sharp.

One of the most important considerations is whether you should take your vehicle to an automatic car wash or a hand car wash.

At a hand car wash, someone (often a team of trained attendants) will manually wash your car. They’ll wipe down both your car’s interior and exterior. Usually, staff at this type of car wash carefully washes the dirt and dust off your car and pays attention to both small details (like the cup holder) and big ones (like the tires). 

On the other hand, an automatic car wash takes the stress off the car wash staff. Most times, you only have to allow your car to pass through the washing area for a few minutes.

Yes, both car wash procedures have their pros and cons. Nothing is wrong with either the automatic car wash or the hand car wash. As a matter of fact, both services are excellent for your car.

The real concern here should be the specific car wash service you choose. Is the car wash service reliable? Are the attendants professional? Do they utilize the highest-quality equipment and materials available for car detailing?

Whichever car wash service you choose, your goal should be professionalism. With the right tools, your car will get the right treatment.

For one thing, ignore the rumors and false research that states that automatic machines are a bad choice for your car. Likewise, ignore the advice offered by some people that insists hand washing is bad for a car’s paint finish. Proponents of such ideas are often business owners trying to attract customers to their own particular car wash services.

Two important things to note here are:

  • If you choose an automatic car wash, insist on finding a brushless, full-service car wash with an automatic machine that uses cloth rather than abrasive brushes.
  • If you choose a hand car wash, find a car cleaning service that can meet you at your location. Mobile car detailing is often a flexible option which allows you to go about your business while the cleaning is being done.

Secret #2: How to Determine If Your Chosen Car Cleaning Service Is Reliable

Certain factors distinguish professional car wash services from all the rest. If you choose an automatic full-service car wash, pay particular attention to the wipe down stage.

Normally, the attendant at the car wash drives your car away from the machine at the end of the washing. Then comes the hand wiping. It’s important to ensure that the attendant wipes down your car with new or clean towels as opposed to dirty dusters, which can leave scratches. If you’re not sure about the quality or cleanliness of the towels, just say that you’d rather drive your car off without it being wiped.

The bottom line is that you should avoid car detailing companies which don’t use appropriate tools and materials; they’ll only ruin your car.

If you choose a mobile hand car washing service, look for a company with an array of mobile car wash options. Professional hand car wash services offer different detailing packages with varied pricing to fit your budget and car wash needs.

Likewise, be sure that the mobile detailing service you hire operates using the “two bucket” system. Ideally, one bucket should contain clean water for washing while the other contains clean lathers in which employees dip their washing/wiping mitt.

Another point to note here is the variety of cleaning cloths utilized. Be sure that the car wash service uses different cloths for each of the following parts of your car:

  • Wheels
  • Tires
  • Mirrors
  • Windows
  • Seats

Secret #3: The Easiest Ways to Keep A Clean Car That Always Looks New

Car washing is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your car exterior always looks new. In fact, washing your car regularly is the only solution you really need to give your car that vibrant, bold look.

Of course, your budget can affect how often you get your car washed. Still, just like you need to bathe regularly to ensure proper hygiene, you need to make sure to clean your car properly and frequently; leaving dirt on your car for a prolonged period can cause the paint to get damaged quickly.

As for your car’s interior, you can take advantage of the following three car interior accessories/products:

Car Trash Can

Cars need trashcans in order to collect waste easily and remove the stress of cleaning nasty messes later on.

The car trash can by Fancy Mobility is an efficient way to collect trash in your car and keep the interior looking spick-and-span. Some of its amazing benefits include:

  1. This trash can contains a dispenser box with a pack of 25 liners. As a result, you can use one, dispose of it, and easily refill the can. The liners are similar to standard-sized grocery bags, so you can use grocery bags when you’ve run out of the bonus liners.
  2. The trash can comes with patented side clasps, which keep the trash liners in place and prevent them from being blown out by the wind.
  3. The Fancy Mobility trash can is perfect for any car—including small ones—even though it’s designed to hold a lot of waste.
  4. It comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  5. You can place the trash can in any location that suits you due to its unlimited installation options.
Car Trash Can With Liners

Deborah Schmitt

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love my Fancy Mobility Car Trash Can!!!
Im always on the go, I also have a toddler & no matter how hard I tried to keep my truck clean it was impossible I thought I’d give this a try.. I absolutely love it … keeps trash off seats & floor very sturdy and roomy I didn’t need tons of room other than for paper, sticky notes and cookie wrappers, etc. Was surprised how much stuff you can actually fit inside and the trash bags are a plus.. definitely recommend.

Car Trunk Organizer

The GEEDAR Trunk Organizer makes it easy to store more things in your SUV, truck, minivan, Jeep or other vehicle. It has three compartments containing durable nylon that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

This additional storage space holds wet items in one place, thereby protecting other luggage from being dampened. You can trust this organizer because it grips to your car firmly and helps you to get more space than your car normally provides.

GEEDAR Trunk Organizer 1

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Getting a car vacuum cleaner saves you the stress of having to clean your car when
you could be taking care of other personal businesses.

The Dyson V7 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum is a small and light mini-motorized tool
for cleaning up debris such as pet hair, dust and sand.

Thanks to the “dusting brush” and “stubborn dirt brush,” which both come with this
vacuum cleaner, you’ll never have to worry about dirt in your car again.

The Bottom Line

If you truly care about your car, you need to learn the proper techniques for keeping it clean—on the outside and on the inside. This post has exposed you to three big secrets about car washing and car maintenance.

We hope that what you’ve read above will help you to make informed decisions about your car. Whether you choose an automatic car wash or a hand car wash, remember to focus on finding a company that always uses the best cleaning equipment and car accessories available.

What car wash methods work for you? Share them with us in the comments section.