Life-Changing Travel Tips That You Should Know

Life-Changing Travel Tips That You Should Know

As we all know, travelling is not tantamount to comfort and relaxation. Before you even make it to your dream vacation, you have to settle for a lot of things, which includes expenses, packing, itinerary, reservations and a lot more. If you are travelling on a car, you have to check your tires, battery, oil level, hoses and belt, hire a technician and others. And it doesn’t stop from there. Here is some life changing tips that can improve your travelling significantly.

Improving Fuel Efficiency

When travelling by car and you want to save money on fuel, you can improve the fuel efficiency of the car by more than 30% by following these simple steps. First replacing an old filter can improve its efficiency by 10%. So if you think your filter is already old and rusting, it might be a perfect time to replace it. Next thing you can do is to remove the excess weight. Being able to remove at least 100 pounds on the weight of the cargo will improve the fuel consumption for at least 1%. Finally, you can remove the cargo box on the roof top. Removing the cargo box will improve the efficiency at 25%.


When packing your stuff, the first thing you have to consider is the length of your stay. Opt for a small bag in the event that you are planning to stay for 3-4 days on a foreign land and a huge bag with wheels if you plan to stay more than 12 days. You should also avoid over packing. Remember that you only have to pack like medicine, your necessities, travel documents and others. In order to make sure, create a list of the things that you should pack. If you have no immediate need for it and it can be purchased on your destination then do not include it. Leave some space for the souvenirs that you are planning to buy. When you are done packing, make sure you can lift your bag without assistance.

Prepare for a long flight

We all know that long flight is not just tiring but stressful. However, did you know that it also exposed us to some harmful elements? Study shows that the travellers have 20% chance of catching the common colds. So in order to make sure that you will enjoy your vacation without the non-stop sneezing, boost your immune system by taking a dose of Vitamin C plus B-complex. You should also eat nutritious food before the flight in order to avoid the unhealthy meal offered by the airline company. Eat whole grain and proteins and make sure to have a supply of water-rich nourishments in order to stay hydrated and alert. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible during the flight. Make sure to drink at least 8oz of water per hour and stay away from salty foods.

Following these simple travel tips can help you become more comfortable and relaxed even during the long hours of travelling.